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Cohesion of youth energy
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Cohesion of youth

The committee of Sunway Co., Ltd of the communist youth league of China was established on December 18, 2006, with more than 50 members, accounting for 35.2% of the total number of young employees. The youth league committee of the company has 1 secretary, 2 members, 3 youth league branches in administration, production and marketing and 1 youth volunteer team. The youth league committee of the company was once awarded the "May 4th red flag youth league organization" of sichuan province. "May 4th red flag youth league committee" and "advanced youth league committee" were awarded by leshan city for many times. The production and administration branches were awarded "red flag youth league branch" in sichuan province. The company's technology department and production department were awarded the "youth civilization" in leshan city.

In recent years, the communist youth league in leshan, under the correct leadership of party committee of communist and company in the zone and ShangWei stake in youth corps committee closely around the production and business development of the enterprise and the requirements of the root of the youth league, with CPC party building as the path, based on the group's advanced sex education, so as to promote youth growth as the main line, take innovation as a starting point, to wholeheartedly service youth as the foothold, group work innovation in succession, in order to promote enterprise development by leaps and bounds into a vibrant vitality. Now the main work is reported as follows:

I. give play to the role of the "three pillars" and guide the new ideas of Sunway youth

Build the spiritual support of youth. Guided by xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, we will study and implement the guiding principles of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and the party's work of "two studies and one action". Through the way of "going out, please come in", to invite an expert group lessons to company, organization and excellent league member, the youth to go out and visit the patriotism education base, to develop youth "to retrace the long march road" topics such as practice, combined with "wisdom party building", "power", such as information platform, has formed the good study atmosphere for the education.

Build the backbone of the corps. Positive selection and training of outstanding cadres, to the grass-roots management team recommended excellent cadres, more company management front reserve force. At the same time, the league cadres are regularly organized to report on their work every year and conduct democratic evaluation, which links the work of the league cadres with their individual monthly performance and improves their work level and sense of responsibility.

Build a pillar for young people to promote excellence. The promotion of excellent work as a top priority, adhere to standards, strict procedures to ensure that the party organization to develop party members "six not approved" principle into effect, adhere to measures, education, training, recommendation and the party organization, so that the construction of the team and the party building good cohesion. At least 7 league members are recommended to become active party members every year.


2. Strengthen the construction of "three fronts" and innovate the new thinking of Sunway regiment

Strengthen brand position construction. Deepen the "youth civilization" activities, to have created a successful "youth civilization" the collective internal propaganda, and constantly create a collective each rules and regulations, all create collective not only seriously carry out the activities related to a youth tournament technology, innovating youth civilization to create content, in the youth in the collective set a good image.

Strengthen chengcai position construction. Young employees are the core force of enterprise technology and management innovation. In line with the principle of "deepening, standardizing, training and popularizing", create a good atmosphere for young people to grow into talents and cultivate their awareness of growth and crisis. Make full use of the company's reading room and the books issued by the company, in the company's weekly study day, serious study and communication, in the group meeting, according to their own expertise, to impart knowledge to everyone, creating a good learning atmosphere and growth environment.

Strengthen the construction of propaganda positions. Through QQ group, WeChat group, on the network to carry out the enterprise development the hot topic of discussion, use advanced science and technology to the youth media provides the mutual communication of heaven and earth, and USES the field of flexible and varied activities such as workshops, seminars, essay arouse the consciousness of youth, youth has become the enterprise publicity fronts on the banner.



3. Consolidate the foundation of "three-dimensional service" and establish a new image of Sunway youth

Service staff life. Organized a series of interactive activities, expand the stage of youth talented youth corps committee based on the characteristics of youth interests, to meet the needs of youth, established the "table tennis team Sunway shares", "basketball", "team", "athletes" regular exercise and fellowship competitions with other units, exercise, and enhance the friendship. I wrote, performed and directed a large variety show, such as the art report party for new college students, which was well received by leaders and employees at all levels. In his spare time, he has carried out a variety of cultural and sports activities, fully reflecting the organizing ability of the youth league committee and displaying the talent of the youth. Through these activities, we gathered the youth league members, strengthened the centripetal force, retained talents and cultivated talents for the company.

Service enterprise development. Since 2016, efforts have been made to strengthen the establishment of "young post experts", and according to the established establishment plan and relevant management system, orderly promote the evaluation of demonstration posts, extending to each member of the class and group, and extending to the surrounding members. In order to improve the quality of creation, we also insist on organizing two batches of "youth post expert training camp" every year to train the selected personnel in systematic theory and practice, and recommend them to go to xi 'an, zhengzhou and other famous universities for learning and upgrading, so as to continuously improve the skills of the young post staff and build the young cable craftsman. At present, the host hand has been newly cultivated to be 25 bits.

To serve social progress. The company has been advocating "do not wait for the development of the enterprise to return to the society, to the side of development and return to the society", the company youth league committee always along the line of love, service to the society, dedication to youth. From 2016 to 2018, I organized youth volunteers to visit the local poor children in xinglong village, mabian county five times, and helped ji mian's younger brother, cao meng and other teenagers. Carry out "shanwei blood donation day" every year, and organize all youth members of the company to "donate blood voluntarily"; Every year on March 12, "Sunway Lin" environmental protection public welfare activities, voluntary tree planting; Every year before the Spring Festival, we carry out activities to visit senior party members, the elderly under the "five guarantees" and targeted poverty alleviation families, contributing to the progress of social civilization.



4. Ignite the "four innovation and four competition" engine to stimulate new momentum of Sunway  group

Around the company party committee to build a "five young" brand the goal, put forward "to create performance, innovation, intellectual contribution to the fight for actual effect, creating high-quality service for first-class, a strong team for image" of the "four and four" characteristic party building project, further stimulated the general director youth entrepreneurial zeal, in order to promote enterprise realize the v-shaped reversal, keeping development played an important role.

Create achievements and strive for contributions. The youth league committee builds the branch in the marketing area, arouses the enthusiasm and the fervor which the young salesman develops in the market. The youth league members gave full play to their vigor and vitality, and activated the two channels of "ren du" in the development of Sunway Co., Ltd  market in the state of market tightening. Under the leadership of more than 10 first-line young salesmen, they have contributed nearly 100 million yuan of sales to the company, accounting for more than 10% of the annual sales, and become the indispensable sales force of the company.

Innovation, wisdom and effectiveness. In the production line of the company, the proportion of young employees is not high, but highlight enough outstanding. Nuclear power groups, for example, have an average age of 27. It is this less than 10 young team, to create the company's production line several "first". It was their concerted efforts that led to the "perfect" delivery of orders for nuclear power cables. The nuclear power team was also rated as excellent team of China  Nuclear Engineering Co., Ltd

Create excellent service to compete for first-class. In order to provide customers with first-class products and services, the young technical backbone shouldering the company's technical service banner. In 2017, the company has established 16 technical service groups according to product categories, with an average age of 28 years old. Each year, the company provides hundreds of product design, technical q&a, installation and installation, after-sales tracking and other services for customers of major central enterprises and state-owned enterprises in China, and has received extensive praise from customers.

Create team image. In order to be able to set up a young flag in the company staff, the company has carried out the creation of young pioneers in the internal activities, set up a number of outstanding young technical backbone, such as yuan wenjun, car number. In April 2018, the company launched a world-leading lean management project. Six young people, including zhang zhang and li wendong, became key members of lean promotion office. The construction of company league organization cannot leave the concern of party committee and support.